The Nominees Are….


Welcome! I have great news fellow bloggers… The Nook was nominated for FIVE Blog Awards by Autumn Sunshine at and to share the blog love, I am also nominating the following blogs for ALL FIVE AWARDS also!!!

Readers Appreciation Award, Kreativ Blogger Award, Creative Chaos Award, Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments Award, Versatile Blogger goes to…

The awards you were nominated for can be found in separate posts in the Blog Award section on my blog. Each award carries it’s own To-Do for acceptance. You are not obligated to accept the awards if you choose not to.

Thank you for your support and the great content you post that keeps me coming back for more and more!

Please see the other individual award post for your awards…

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12 thoughts on “The Nominees Are….

  1. Congratulations Indi, you so deserve the awards! :) Thank you for thinking of me, it was so kind of you. Keep up the wonderful writing, we are always happy to read and support you! :)

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