Carry On Only What You Need


All week, we’ve been discussing the past and where that fits into our future. Most people would perhaps advice you to just ignore the past and move on. I suggest a different approach. When you board a cruise ship or airplane, you bring on the luggage, filled with all your “stuff” from home. You don’t abandoned the luggage for the journey you are about to take. However, you choose to take only the items compatible for the location you’re enroute to. This is step one.

Life Key: Carry On, Only What You Need.

Stop running from the pain of your past. It will never go away just because you “pretend” to ignore it. Experience it, deal with it, resolve it and move on. Keep only the lessons it provided you, discard all else.

Next, stop resisting change because it makes others uncomfortable. Aren’t you tired of pretending to still fit that “old” you? Be true to the true you, no matter what.

Finally, everyone cannot go with you where destiny is calling YOU. That is ok. Some people come into your life for a season, some come for a reason. Select few are lifetime companions. Embrace that, exhale and release them to their own journey.

Here is the bonus: not everyone has your same vision prescription. Have you ever put on someone else’s glasses and went “WOW!” Yes, that’s because their prescription is tailored made for their perspective of sight. Stop trying to explain to everyone your vision and reason for navigating through your own life. Very few will see it from your perspective. Accept that. Make peace with it and move on unapologetically.

This is a process. The length of that process depends on how freely you open up to improving your mindset and releasing that old way of thinking or behaving.

Tomorrow, we will wrap up this series and application. That was a lot to chew on. Take your time. Maintain your focus on what’s up ahead, because its good y’all! Bliss and Blessings!

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